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Marrying tradtional methods with modern techniques and design, Tom creates three dimensionals sings that still retain that all important personal touch. Tom believes that age old signwriting designs and proportions translate well into his contemporary work; giving it a unique and original edge.

Optical, high impact results are possible with 3 Dimensional Signage. Tom has a wealth of experience in signwriting and sourcing a wide variety of materials, from foamex, to stainless steel, to copper, offering customers a very individual finish.

Some Materials Available:
Foamex is an extremely versatile product which can be cut to a wide variety of forms with computer guided Routers. A lightweight product it can still withstand harsh weather exposure.

Stainless Steel is fabricated steel from specialist suppliers, which can be mirror polished to a high lustre or supplied in a matt brushed finish.

Lettering can be Hand Carved from or into hard woods including Mahogany, which can be gilded with 23.5 carat gold leaf and protected by glazing.

Acrylics offer a cost effective alternative to the high end work above.