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The Tradition of gilding has its origins in Egyptian Civilisation. This method of decoration and enhancement has remained unchanged today, and is frequently used by Tom in his work; for mirrors, glass partitions, snug screens and external lettering. Letters are embellished with ‘pure gold’ to add distinction and definition.

Gilding Finishes:
  • Water Gilding - Ideal in the production of branded mirrors and custom glasswork.
  • Oil Gilding - Preferred option for exterior applications / external lettering.
  • Restorative Gilding - Antique Mirrors or picture frames can be restored to their former glory after being ‘Re-Gilded’
Technical Details:

Pure Gold (23.5 Carat South African/Italian/German) is hammered and pressed into micro thin small sheets, a slow drying sizing coat is applied to the object, usually a 3d letters or an antique moulding - this ensures the gold leaf will adhere to it; the leaf is then carefully and delicately applied to the prepared area.  Once set the remainder is brushed off to leave the object encased in a thin cast of gold which never tarnishes or oxidizes.

Precious Metals:
  • Gold
  • White Gold
  • Silver
  • Variegated Leaf

Each Gilding Colour can be sourced to achieve the desired colour required.